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Monday, July 25, 2005

Asashoryu Wins Nagoya Basho

Mongolian yokuzuna Asashoryu won his 13th Emperor's Cup with a 13-2 record at the Nagoya basho. This was his fifth straight tournament victory gained in some style when he defeated ozeki Tochiazuma in his final bout.
Sumo bout (c)JapanVisitor
Asashoryu's nearest challenger, Bulgarian komusubi Kotooshu, lost to maegashira Wakanosato and thus failed to force a winner-takes-all play-off bout with Asashoryu, who he defeated earlier in the tournament.

Mongolian, Russian and Eastern European wrestlers continue to dominate the top division in sumo, with few young Japanese prospects on the horizon to rekindle flagging interest in the traditional sport. The last day in Nagoya was a sell-out however, as the outcome of the tourney was still in doubt.


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