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Friday, October 28, 2005

Atsuta Jingu Nagoya


Dropped in at Atsuta Jingu today. The shrine, dating from the 3rd century and set in lush forest surroundings, is one of the most important in Japan as it houses the kusanagi-no-tsurugi, a sacred sword which is one of the three sacred Imperial regalia, the others being the mirror at the Ise jingu shrines and the jewels at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

Atsuta Jingu, Nagoya.Atsuta Jingu, Nagoya.

The shrine is Nagoya's number one must-visit shrine at New Year and is also a popular venue for shichi-go-san festivals. Shichi-go-san, literally 'seven-five-three', is a celebration held on November 15 for when a girl turns 3 or 7 and when a boy turns 5. Atsuta Jingu is said to visited by over 8 million people per year. The shrine was bombed in World War II and subsequently rebuilt. Atsuta Jingu is seen as a protector of the area's agriculture and the shrine's festivals include an opulent planting ceremony.

The precincts include a 1,300 year old giant camphor tree said to be planted by the renowned Buddhist priest Koubou Daishi, a Noh theater, and the 'Bunka-den' treasure storehouse museum full of important cultural assets, especially swords. (9am-4.30pm, closed last Wed and Thu of every month. Closed Dec 25-31. No admission after 4.10pm).


8 minutes walk from Jingu Nishi Meijo Subway Line, also 8 minutes walk from JR Atsuta (Tokaido Honsen line) or 5 minutes from Meitetsu Jingumae station.

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Atsuta Jingu

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Surely it houses a REPLICA of the Kusunagi sword?

    The original was lost during a sea battle in the 11th or 12th century


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