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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Japan's autumn scenery


One aspect of Japan that Japanese are fond of asserting is that 'Japan has four seasons': a claim that is lost on the ears of most foreign listeners as, indeed, most of the world shares this trait. However, given the extraordinary clarity of the divide between the seasons in Japan and the distinctiveness of the accompanying changes in scenery, the population here could be forgiven for considering the seasons unique to Japan.

One of the places I visit every week is the campus of Takushoku University in Hachioji City, west of Tokyo. Like many universities not in the middle of urban areas, Takushoku has beautiful - particularly beautiful - grounds that spectacularly reflect every gradation of the seasons.

Here are a few shots of Takushoku University's grounds taken this week. Enjoy!

(As always on this blog, click on the images to see them at full size - then once more to enlarge further.)

Takushoku University autumn gardens.

Takushoku University building.

Takushoku University autumn trees.

Takushoku University, carp pond.

Takushoku University stone steps in autumn.

Takushoku University stone steps in autumn.

Takushoku University autumn branches.

Takushoku University autumn grove.

Takushoku University, autumn leaves.

A dragonfly in the hand.Yes, it's a live one!

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