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Sunday, November 06, 2005



November 15 is the official date of Shichi-go-san (seven-five-three), a day of prayer for the health of young children. P1010012The celebrations, for girls aged three and seven, boys aged five, consist primarily of a family visit to a Shinto shrine. Most girls wear kimonos when making their Shichi-go-san visit; boys are decked out in haori jackets and hakama trousers; parents tag along catching the moment on digital camera or video.

Following the visit to the shrine, parents parade their precious children around well-known areas in their region, have a formal lunch--and then go home and collapse from the effort and expense involved.
Shichi-go-san at Kawasaki Daishi poster.
(Left) Poster in suburban Tokyo for the Shichi-Go-San festivities at the popular Kawasaki Daishi Temple.

Japanese yukata, samue, and other goods.

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