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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Kyoto Display Windows


Kyoto Machiya HomeOne of the many charms of Kyoto is the window displays that can be found in both shops and private homes, mainly traditional machiya (“town house”) wooden buildings with lattice fronts.

Concentrated primarily in the downtown area, shops display their wares: ceramics, folding screens (byobu), yukata, dolls, etc. Homeowners put out arrangements of flowers to reflect the change of season.

In addition, notice boards advertise gallery openings and art exhibits, as well as public announcements.

Porcelain in a show windowOn a ride around town today, I saw a few that caught my eye. The one above is a private home on which the owner has many posters for exhibits at Kyoto museums. The dark brown wood serves a perfect backdrop for the brightly colored posters. The bike parked in front is a reminder that this is an unposed photo.

To the right is a private home's window, with lovely ceramic bowls.

Beautiful Chinese characters on a Kyoto doorThe last photo, at left, is on the door of a shop, and features bold archaic kanji characters.

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