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Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Year Grand Sumo Tournament


Things turned out as expected from the previous basho in Fukuoka in November. Mongolian powerhouse Asahoryu 朝青龍 won the tournament - his 7th consecutive win - completing a Grand Slam of tournament victories for the year.

The 1.85m (6'1"), 143kg (315lb) yokozuna's main challenger will again be the young Bulgarian Kotooshu 琴欧州 (2.04m (6' 8 1/2"), 143kg (315lb)) - who gained promotion to ozeki rank after Fukuoka - the first European wrestler to do so.

Other ozeki in the frame are veterans Chiyotaikai 千代大海 (29), Kaio 魁皇 (33) and Tochiazuma 栃東 (29), though Kaio is fighting hurt and Tochiazuma needs a majority of wins to hang on to his ranking.

Expect Asahoryu to claim his 8th tournament win on the spin without too much difficulty.

Tournament Details
Dates: Sunday January 8th - Sunday January 22th, 2006
Ryogoku Kokugikan - Tokyo

The Ryogoku Kokugikan is a short walk from Ryogoku station on the JR Sobu Line.

New Year Grand Sumo Tournament.

The Perfect Guide to Sumo by Ito Katsuharu (the 34th Kimura Shonosuke); Translated by David Shapiro

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