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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Mime - 'Dream Part III'

マイム 「夢 part III」

Mime - Sasaki Hiroyasu Today I attended a mime performance – ‘Dream, Part III’ - that a friend whose teacher, the renowned Hiroyasu Sasaki, was performing in had invited me to see. It took place in the Edo Tokyo Museum, right next door to the center of sumo in Japan, the Kokugikan Hall in Tokyo's Ryogoku district.

'Dream, Part III' mime performance.

It was the first time I had seen mime probably for decades. The protagonist was an old man (in the drama that is, although Sasaki-san is not a young man in real life either) who was taking a trip through time. There were quite a few other dimensions and states of being he was taking trips through too, however. Sometimes the precise significance of things took second place to the pure spectacle of shadows, facial expressions, interactions, body language, music of the moment, and the feelings the interplay of all the above evoked. Comedy, adventure, horror, awe, love, loss, joy and reverence were all themes that came through loud and clear without any help - or, should I say, interference, from language. It was a very athletic performance in spite of the stillness at its heart.

'Dream, Part III' mime performance. After the performance four of us went to a sumo-themed restaurant next door for a few drinks and a table laden with delicious snacks. Our review of the performance was enriched by one of our company having studied that most accessible of miming arts, the art of the clown. We ate, drank, were merry, then headed off home to dream wordless dreams like perhaps we’ve never dreamed before.

The performance was sponsored by the Nihon Mime Kenkyujo (Japan Mime Research Center).

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