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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Japan This Week 14/01/07


China dismisses Japanese claim about EU arms embargo.

People's Daily

Japanese cream puffs plagued by rats and bacteria.


In other bad news for the Japanese food industry, gravel found in doughnuts.


Horror Director Hisayasu Sato on gore.


There was plenty of gore involved in the recent case of a headless torso found in Shinjuku and the lower limbs in Shibuya (see News 17/12/06). The victim turned out to be Yusuke Mihashi, a 30-year-old office worker, killed in his sleep by a blow to the head with a wine bottle and then dismembered by his 32-year-old wife, Kaori. The killing and subsequent cutting up of the corpse are eerily reminiscent of the novel Out by Natsuo Kirino .

Daily Yomiuri

More details on 1978 kidnappings of Japanese citizens by North Korea.

Japan Times

One in three Japanese women interested in filming themselves in flagrante


Foreign visitors to Japan reached a record 8.1 million in 2006, mostly Korean and Chinese visitors but tourists from Western nations were also up.

Daily Yomiuri

Los Angeles Kings goalie Yutaka Fukufuji became the first
Japanese-born person to play in the NHL when he entered
Saturday's game against the St. Louis Blues at the start of the
third period.


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Source Reducing The Sting by Paul Kallender; ACCJ Journal, March 2006

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