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Saturday, January 06, 2007

K-Tokyu Announcements


Keihan K-Tokyu ExpressRiding on the Keihan train line's K-Super Express from Kyoto to Osaka is about as civilized a way of going between the two cities as you will find. Less crowded than JR, a more civilized crowd than that on Kintetsu, and better looking cars and stations than Hankyu, Keihan is the most attractive of the four lines. The seats face forward—as opposed to the bench seats facing into the car, and therefore directly at the passengers facing on the other side (or, during rush hour, the salaryman’s crotch 12 inches from your face)—there are small paintings at the front of each car on the wall, and the riders tend to be well-mannered professional people. This is mainly an accident of geography: the line runs from downtown Kyoto to the area close to Osaka City Hall.

Still, though, this being Japan there are always announcements to keep us in line. The first announcement is upcoming stations and a few warnings/requests (en route from Kyoto’s Demachiyanagi Station to Osaka's Yodoyabashi Station.):

This train is very crowded so until Yodoyabashi please refrain from using the folding seats near the doors. The next stop is Hirakata Station, followed by Kyobashi Station.

The last car is a women's only car. Near seating for passengers with special needs, please turn off your cell phones; in other areas of the train put your phone on “manner mode” and refrain from speaking on the phone.

Click here for the sound of the Keihan conductor

The second clip is the driver calling out the signals and trestles and stations as he drives into Shichijo Station, in Kyoto, in the evening.

Signal! (yosh!). Warning signal. K-Tokyu. Marker #40. (Second conductor: we are now arriving at Shichijo Station.) (Automatic recording: Passengers seated in the seats near the exits, please stand briefly to allow other passengers on and off the train. Please don't forget your belongings. The door opens at left. Please be careful.)

Click here for the sound of the Keihan conductor

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