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Friday, January 26, 2007

Narita Express


The Narita Express or N'EX, operated by JR East, is the quickest way to get to Narita Airport from downtown Tokyo Station. All seats on the Narita Express trains are reserved and tickets are available from ticket machines in the terminal buildings at Narita Airport.

Narita Express train at Tokyo Station.

All Narita Express services pass through Tokyo Station. There are services every 30 minutes during peak periods and every hour through the rest of the day. There are also Narita Express services to Shinjuku (hourly) and less frequent services to Ikebukuro and Yokohama. Travel times range from approximately 53 minutes for the fastest service from Tokyo Station and one hour 20 minutes to Shinjuku.

Narita Express, Tokyo

Fares are currently 2,940 yen to Tokyo Station, 3,110 yen to Shinjuku and Ikebukuro and 4,180 yen to Yokohama. The JR East Pass and Japan Rail Pass are valid for this train.

A cheaper, though slower alternative, is to take a JR rapid (kaisoku) train from Narita to Tokyo Station (hourly; 90 minutes; 1280 yen).

Coming out on March 28th 2007 are the combined SUICA + N'EX tickets for 3,500 yen, available at Narita Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 Stations for non-Japanese passport holders and including the N'EX fare to Tokyo, Shinjuku or Yokohama for 1,500 yen. The SUICA card can be topped up indefinitely and used on future trips to Japan, similar to an Oyster card in London.

JR East

In competition with the Narita Express is the Keisei Line's Skyliner limited express service. Keisei Line trains travel to Nippori Station (51 minutes) and Keisei Ueno Station (56 minutes) - both stations connect with the JR Yamanote Line. Trains depart every 40 minutes and all seats on the Skyliner are reserved. The current Skyliner fare from Narita Airport to Keisei Ueno Station is 1,920 yen. A normal Keisei limited express train to Ueno costs 1000 yen and takes 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Keisei Line

Narita Airport Information Tel: 0476 34 8000

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  1. If you're looking for a quick tour of Tokyo city and you're already on the Narita Express you can transfer to the Yamanote line which goes in a big circle around Tokyo. Anyway, there's a great site with lots of info if you're going to stay in the Narita area....Where to Stay and What to Do in Narita.
    One other good tip about the travel in the area: The subway lines are usually much cheaper than the regular rail lines. If you want to save money, try to utilize the subway as much as possible.


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