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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Camille Claudel - Le Japon ancien-regard de Paul Claudel : La Danse de Senrei

カミーユ・クローデル - パウル・クローデル:千鮮の曾の踊り

On March 1st, nihonbuyo legend and choreographer Senrei Nishikawa will perform two works in Kyoto that have their provenance in the art and lives of brother and sister Camille and Paul Claudel. Of the two, writer Paul Claudel in particular had a strong connection to Japan.

camille-claudelCamille Claudel (1864 - 1943), for whom the first performance is named, was a highly regarded sculptor in turn of the century Paris, though she was perhaps better known as being the lover of Rodin. When they separated--Rodin did not want to end a twenty-year relationship he had with another woman--she entered a period of mental instability and spent many years in an asylum. And, unfortunately, she ultimately destroyed most of her work.

Her brother, Paul Claudel, was a playwright, novelist, and the ambassador to Japan (1922-1928). He was later France's highest-ranking diplomat in Washington during the pre-War years. A controversial figure in his day, Claudel was right-wing and devoutly Catholic--and deeply influenced by Noh. During his tenure in Tokyo, he was a regular at Noh performances.

La Danse de Camille Claudel - La Danse de Senrei was originally staged in 2004 as Camille Claudel. It featured guitar, contrabass, shakuhachi, and drum. The new work, Le Japon ancien-regard de Paul Claudel, will be accompanied by koto and shakuhachi.

Both performances will be held at the Kyoto Fumin Alti Hall. The Hall is a short walk from Imadegawa Station, which is on the Karasuma subway line. Senrei later travels to Switzerland and France.

Location & Prices

Kyoto Fumin Alti Hall
Tickets are 5,000 yen, or 7,000 yen for reserved seats.
The show takes place on March 1st and begins at 7 pm.


Located just south of Doshisha University on Karasuma Dori. Take the Karasuma subway to Imadegawa Station, go out exit 6, and walk south on Karasuma Dori. Alti Hall is five-minute walk south and is on the side of the street opposite Gosho (the Imperial Palace) park. By bus, take the #201 or #203 and get off at Demachiyanagi-ekimae.

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