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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Koban Styles


Along with manhole covers and Love Hotels, Japanese police boxes - koban - display a wide range of, often striking, design styles.

Koban, Tajimi, Gifu

Koban in Tajimi, Gifu - the police box has been designed in the same style as a typical ceramic producing shop-house in the town

Much post-war Japanese architecture can be drab fare indeed. Every Japanese town and city has its share of identikit, glass and steel office blocks and gray, featureless apartment buildings. A convenience store looks pretty much the same whether it is in Niigata or Naha.

Not so koban. Many Japanese police boxes have become virtual landmarks in the districts they serve.

Look out for these symbols of architectural flair and individuality on your travels around Japan.

If you have an image of a koban and wish to display it here please email it to us.

Mediterranean colors in this koban in Yagoto, Nagoya

Koban in Yagoto, Nagoya - the colors transform this police box into something you might see on the Italian Riviera

Koban in Azabu, Tokyo

Koban in Azabu, Tokyo - a grim location under an elevated highway but the pastel pink adds a touch of light

Tokyo koban

Japanese Bonsai

Tabi Boots


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