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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Osaka Love Hotels


Out of town Love hotel architecture is often fantastically garish, with the buildings often designed in the shape of castles, space ships or boats.

Love Hotel in Osaka

Inner city love hotels are more understated in their exteriors to fit in with the surrounding buildings, so as not to risk the opposition of local residents and shopkeepers.

Love Hotel Osaka

A good introduction to the brash interior design and decor of Japan's love hotels is Love Hotels - The Hidden Fantasy Rooms of Japan with photographs by Misty Keasler.

Love Hotel in Osaka

Here are a few examples of love hotels from Osaka.

Osaka Love Hotel

Love hotels are also known as "boutique hotels","fashion hotels" or even "leisure hotels". Colloquially the term in Japanese is ラブホ (rabuho).

Love Hotel, Osaka

The Japanese Love Hotel industry is estimated to generate 4 trillion yen in annual business. Short-term hotels for privacy and sexual pleasure have existed in Japan since the Edo Period.

Osaka Love Hotel exterior

The most expensive part of a Love Hotel room's interior decor is the bathroom.

Love Hotels in Tokyo

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