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Saturday, April 28, 2007

2008 G8 Summit


Next summer's G-8 Summit, which will be held in Japan, looks set to be spread pretty much all over the archipelago.

shinzo-abe-posterFollowing the lead of the Okinawa/Kyushu Summit, which took place at multiple venues in 2000, the Japanese government is considering splitting up the meetings based upon who attends.

The main venue will be Lake Toya, on the northern island of Hokkaido. The heads of state will convene here. The location was chosen because it is a "green" resort--and also has the added benefit of being in the middle of nowhere and will thus be easy on the Japanese police.

Of the location, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was quoted as saying: "It fits the image of my plan to build a beautiful nation."

For the other meetings, there is more convenience and a certain amount of symbolism in the choice of each venue.

Kyoto, which is considered foreigner friendly, has been selected for the foreign ministers. Finance ministers will get together in nearby Osaka, which is the historic center of business and industry. Environmental ministers will convene just a bit east in Kobe, which is a port city with nearby mountains. Last, ministers of the interior will either meet in Tokyo or in neighboring Chiba.

A formal announcement is expected in the coming week.

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