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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Denpark Anjo

デンパーク, 安城

Listen to the muzak at Denpark

Japan makes a specialty of country-related theme parks. Huis ten Bosch is the most famous example in Nagasaki, but there is also a Spain Mura near Ise Shima in Mie and a Villaggio Italia in Nagoya.

Denpark, Anjo

Anjo, a small, quiet town between Nagoya and Toyohashi has Denpark - a compact theme park based on the architectural and agricultural charms of Denmark.

Denpark, Anjo

From the piped Euromuzak to the manicured lawns, Denpark does its best to recreate a piece of faux-Denmark in deepest Aichi. There's a windmill, various reconstructions of Danish houses, Carlsberg beer on tap and plenty of cheese and butter in the shops.

There's a toy train to whisk the kids around the park's pleasant gardens and street performers put on shows in "Floral Place" - a huge glass house with restaurants and shops.

Tel: 0566 92 7111
Hours: 9.30am-5pm
Admission: 600 yen
Denpark, Anjo


Take a JR Tokaido Line Express train to Anjo Station from Nagoya Station (22 mins) or from Toyohashi (25 mins).
Alternatively take a Meitetsu Line train from Nagoya Station to Shin-Anjo.
Then a Meitetsu bus for "Anjo-Kosei-Byoin" and get off at JR Anjo Station.
From JR Anjo Station take an "Ankuru Bus" to Denpark (25 mins).

By Car
Route 23 to Izumi Exit.

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