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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fukuoka Yatai - Food Stalls


The eating experience for visitors to Fukuoka is having dinner at one of the hundreds of food stalls (yatai) that dot Fukuoka's main entertainment areas of Tenjin and Nakagawa.

Fukuoka food stalls - yatai

The food on offer is usually Fukuoka's legendary ramen (Chinese noodles), oden (stewed meat & vegetables in a soy sauce), gyoza (fried Chinese dumplings), yakitori (grilled chicken) and other mostly fried fare, washed down with tea, beer, sake or shochu.

Fukuoka food stalls - yatai
The most famous place to sample Fukuoka's yatai is in the Nakasu entertainment district on the Naka River.

Some places may have a queue of 50 people waiting to eat at a dozen seats, while other stalls are customer free. The food is not cheap and may set you back around 30-50 USD for just a few, often lukewarm dishes and a beer. The views of the river are better on Nakasu but for a more genuine, less touristy yatai experience you may be advised to check out the stalls along Showa Dori.

Yatai are usually open for business from around 6pm to 1 or 2am at night. Sunday is often the day off for many stalls, though not all.

Nearest subway stations are Tenjin Station and Nakasu Kawabata Station.

Fukuoka food stalls - yatai

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