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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Narita-san Temple Inuyama


Listen to Buddhist priests chanting at Narita-san Temple

With easy walking distance of Inuyama Castle, Narita-san Temple is worth a visit and has fine views of the Kiso River and the castle. On a fine day it is possible to see the skyscrapers of Nagoya in the distance.

Narita-San Temple, Inuyama

Inuyama's Narita-san Temple is a branch temple of the Shingon sect's
Narita-san Temple in Narita, Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo's main international airport.

The temple was opened in 1953 and sits upon a steep hill. Shingon Buddhism is associated with its founder, Kukai aka Kobo Daishi, and the temples he founded on Koyasan in Wakayama Prefecture. Shingon is known as esoteric Buudhism and teaches that enlightenment can be found in this lifetime through spiritual practice including mudras, mantras and mandalas.

Narita-San, Inuyama

Narita San Temple
Tel: 0568 61 2583

The nearest stations to Narita-san Temple are Meitetsu Inuyama Yuen Station (7 mins walk) or Meitetsu Inuyama Station (20 mins walk).
There are regular Meitetsu trains to Inuyama Station from Nagoya Station and Gifu. The journey from both cities takes around 35 minutes by express.

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  1. Hey. I have been looking over your blog after a recent visit to Narirta.
    Anyway, here is a link to all the calendar of festivals in Narita, most of which take place at one of the temples. Hope you find this useful....Calendar of Narita Events.


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