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Monday, April 09, 2007

Tsurumai Park


Hanami is great...until it starts raining.

A sudden and constant downpour dampened the spirits of thousands of cherry blossom revelers at Tsurumai Park at the weekend.

Tsurumai Park, Nagoya

Tsurumai Park is the most lively spot in Nagoya for cherry-blossom viewing and the boisterous, drunken atmosphere is similar to Maruyama Park in Kyoto.

All human life is here: students, salarymen, street sellers, musicians, office ladies, hookers, gangsters, gay cruisers, bosozoku, karaoke crooners, homeless, police officers, performers, foreigners and of course, lots of drunks.

During the cherry-blossom season partying goes on pretty much 24/7, with some people camping out overnight to be sure to bag a spot to place their blue tarpaulin.
The rain, though, does drive away all except the very hard core or very drunk.

Tsurumai subway station (Exit 4) on the Tsurumai subway line or Tsurumai JR Chuo Line Station.

Japanese Art - byobu screens

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  1. I went to a school in Seattle, Washington (USA) that has the same type of view - not so much the blue ground but the cherry trees along the path. I'm pretty sure there is nothing that quite compares

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yes, there is nothing quite like the cherries in bloom.


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