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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Akechi Tetsudo Akechi Railway


The Akechi Tetsudo (Akechi Railway) train makes the journey between Ena and Akechi in Gifu Prefecture, not far from Nagoya. The 50 minute route through the forests, traditional villages and tiny wooden stations is a delight for mountain train enthusiasts and a reaquaintance with the joys of train travel after the horrors of a packed, sweaty, weekday commute.

Akechi Testudo

Akechi Railway trains run approximately hourly and costs 670 yen single fare Ena-Akechi. The first Akechi Railway train from Ena is at 6.48am and the last at 21.44pm on weekdays, 20.54pm at the weekend or on public holidays.

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