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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Japan News 17/06/07


Former Montreal Expos and Tokyo Giants baseball star Warren Cromartie to tag-team
wrestle in Japan.

NY Times

War displaced Japanese lose in court again.


Okinawans furious over textbook revisions.


Ten Pakistani sailors go AWOL in Akihabara, miss ship home, on the run in Tokyo.


Film depicts young women nurses in wartime Okinawa.

Midnight Eye

Earthquake-proof gravestones debut in Japan.


Japan Stats

30,400 children were being raised in Japanese orphanages in 2003, up 13% from 27,000 in 1998.

Source: Japanese Health Ministry

Aichi Prefecture has the largest number of registered dogs with 438,160 canines. Tottori Prefecture has the lowest number of dogs with 29,908 reflecting the fact it has the lowest human population of any prefecture in Japan with 652,717 inhabitants.

Source: Kansai Time Out

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