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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Japan News 24/06/07


Power failure stops train service for hours in Tokyo.


World War Two battle island Iwo Jima renamed.


Okinawan prefectural government urges Ministry of Education to change new school textbooks dealing with the the battle for Okinawa in World War II.


Japanese universities and colleges scrambling to fill student places.

NY Times

1 in 4 Japanese men aged 30-34 still a virgin, according to a recent survey.


Hidden Tokyo - Nostalgic Bar Scene in Tokyo

New York Times

The start of the whaling season in Wadaura, a traditional fishing village north of Tokyo. Report and slideshow as a whale is caught and butchered.


Japanese minister on diet to highlight growing obesity problem as Japan's middle-aged fattens up.

Washington Post

Last Week's Japan News

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