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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Japan News July 10 2007


Services held in memory of victims of attack at Ikeda Elementary School.


Japanese cop stabs himself to get off work.


"Idiot parents, rotten kids, useless teachers."

Japan Times

NHK children's programs TV director arrested for child molestation.


Japan seniors urged to be productive.


Japan Stats

According to a survey by GE (General Electric) Consumer Finance Tokyo the average "pocket money" afforded a Japanese salaryman has risen for the third straight year to 48,880 yen per month (approx. US$400). The survey was conducted with 500 working men on the Internet aged 20-50 years old.

Japan is 4th in the list of countries with the largest emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) with 1.3 bn metric tons which is 4.7% of the global total recorded for 2004. Japan trails the USA (5.9 bn tons/21.9%), China (4.7 bn tons/17.4%) and Russia (1.7 bn tons/6.2%).

Source: US Energy Information Administration

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