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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Aonami Line & Nagoya Port


Ise Wangan Expressway Bridge

After exploring the pleasant Nakasendo post towns of Akechi, Iwamura, Ogaki and Mitake recently, it was time for the contrast of some Nagoya urban grit.

Aonami Line TrainThe over ground Aonami Line from Nagoya Station leads down to the sea and the artificial islands that make up Nagoya's vast port.

The area around Kinjo Futo and Noseki Stations on the Aonami Line is one of huge public housing complexes, warehouses and the soaring bridges of the Ise Wan Gan Expressway.

The Taiheiyo Ferry terminal for boats to Sendai is near Noseki Station and the Port Messe Nagoya Exhibition Hall is a short walk from Kinjo Futo Station. (Watch out for the dinosaur exhibition coming there soon July 20 - September 2).

More surprising was a huge Italianesque Wedding Chapel near the sea with the attendant foreign cameraman waiting to video the bride and groom as they emerged from the church.

Who would want to get married in a container port with a view of 1000s of cars lined up on the quayside waiting to be shipped overseas? Still the land is obviously cheap enough here to build such a huge faux church and all the soccer pitches located down here.

Italian style Wedding ChapelThere were a surprising number of people about on a day with such strong winds from the recent typhoon: guys playing futsal, marching bands strutting their stuff and trumpeters practicing in the parks as their music sheets fluttered in the wind.

There is an equally surprising amount of wildlife here too - plenty of people fishing in the murky green water and the bird watching center in Inaei Park near Noseki Station is a good place to view the many wild birds still living in Nagoya Bay.


Aonami Line from Nagoya Station or infrequent buses to the Taiheiyo Ferry terminal and Noseki Station.

Aonami Line Map

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