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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Japan This Week 9/23/07


Yasuo Fukuda wins the Liberal Democratic Party's presidential election and is set to become Japan's next prime minister.


Japanese government accused of censoring book on princess.


Movie Review: Takashi Miike's "Sukiyaki Western Django."

Midnight Eye

Japanese Sexpert: Erotic image training key to attaining a beautiful mind.


Japanese economy continued to stagnate under "obocchan" Abe.

New York Times

Tokyo Tower to grow 100m.

Japan Times

Yokuzuna Hakuho wins autumn sumo basho in Asashoryu's absence.

Sumo Association

Delivery company Yamoto fabricates records.


Japan Statistics

Commercial land prices in Japan rose by an average 1% over the 12 months till July this year according to a survey by the Construction and Transport Ministry.

Commercial property prices rose by 12.1% in Tokyo, 8% in Osaka and 7.2% in Nagoya. Prices in Nakamura Ward which includes Nagoya Station rose by a whopping 40.1%. A number of new high-rise developments have been built in recent years and more are on the way.

Residential land prices also rose by an average 4.8% in Tokyo, 2.9% in Osaka and 2.4% in Nagoya.

Outside the big 3, commercial property prices continued to shrink in 80% of areas covered by the survey.

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