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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Japanese Manhole Covers III


Here is our latest collection of Japanese manhole covers, which often represent in their design the main attractions of their localities. Japanese manhole covers are a unique form of street art and well worth keeping your eyes to the ground for.

If you have a manhole cover shot and wish to show it on this blog please contact us if you'd like us to display it.Kanazawa manhole.
Toyokawa manhole.

Toyokawa manhole.
Toyama manhole.
Tendo manhole.
Tazawako manhole.
Kakunodate manhole.
Takayama manhole.
Shiroshi manhole.
Sendai manhole.
Okazaki manhole.
Mizusawa manhole.

Hida Furukawa manhole.

Manhole Covers in Japan

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  1. incredible!

    i link this post in my blog, ok?
    visit it:


    and link it, if you want

  2. Wonderful, but to small the pics! I wish tohave a little better resolution!
    Can you give me the source of the pics or the author to ask for better resolution?

  3. I'm afraid the images were taken at low resolution. We'll try to take some high resolution manholes in future.


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