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Friday, September 28, 2007

Lindsay Anne Hawker


The father of murdered 22-year-old NOVA teacher Lindsay Anne Hawker has launched a fresh appeal for information regarding her suspected killer Tatsuya Ichihashi. Mr. Hawker, wearing a T-shirt with an image of Ichihashi below the word 'Murderer' handed out leaflets to passengers departing Heathrow Airport on flights to Japan.


Six months have passed since Ms. Hawker's battered body was found in a bathtub of sand in Ichihashi's Ichikawa apartment, just outside Tokyo, and the 28-year-old suspect fled in his stocking feet from 9 police officers sent to question him.

CCTV image of Tatsuya Ichihashi

Mr Hawker suggested that the amount of information he has received from the Japanese police has begun to decrease in recent weeks. Police officers working on the murder case have told him they are searching amusement arcades, gay bars, internet cafes and public parks for Ichihashi.

Details of the case are murky and rumours abound, Lindsay may have been drugged in the cafe where she arranged to meet Ichihashi to give him an English lesson. Her ordeal may also have lasted 36 hours before she was finally strangled.

Mr Bill Hawker, a driving instructor from Brandon near Coventry said: "I'm sure if they gave us more information we would feel more confident in their ability to capture Ichihashi. I'm sure they're doing far more than they're telling us, but the lack of information makes us despair that they perhaps could be doing more."

The Hawker family have set up a Lindsay Anne Hawker webpage to help track down her killer.

Being A Broad have launched a T-shirt campaign in support of the Hawker family.

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