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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Japan taxis


Inside a Tokyo taxi.
A taxi in Tokyo is rarely more than a wait of a minute or two, and wave of the hand, away. The service is generally good, but can vary wildly, from the driver who knows the city like the back of his (sometimes her) hand, to the no-hoper who drives you in exactly the opposite direction.

Tokyo taxis are generally safe - I have never seen an accident involving a taxi - but the seat belts are never in working order. The drivers are generally polite, and fairly honest - although if you don’t know exactly where you’re going you’re likely to get ripped off by being driven round the neighborhood of your destination “looking” for that crucial landmark.

Taxis always have advertising inside, some of them are packed with it - nearly all of it seedy.
In this picture, the back of the headrest advertises Prison Break II, then, on the back of the seat, from left to right: “you probably have metabolic syndrome” medical scare quackery, then, “never clean the house or do laundry again - earn more,” etc. etc., followed by, “incontinence - the complaint that dare not speak its name,” and finally that old trusty: breasts - “With just one life to live, are you really happy with your bust?” (Somehow the Buddhist prospect of another, more buxom, chance gets overlooked here!)

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