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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Japan This Week 10/28/07


Japan News. Nova, Japan's largest language school, files for court protection and
closes, leaving 4,000 foreign language teachers without work and 300,000
students without English classes.


Disgraced boxer, Koki Kameda, makes public apology for brother's and family's conduct during a recent title bout.

Daily Yomiuri

Editorial on yet another Defense Ministry scandal.

Japan Times

Japanese women in sexless relationships keeping their options open.


Specialty beers on the increase in Japan.

New York Times

Dice-K, aka Daisuke Matsuzaka, becomes the first Japanese starting pitcher in a baseball World Series and the first Japanese pitcher to win a game.

Japan Times

The Nippon Ham Fighters win the opening game of the Japanese Series baseball finale.

Japan Times

Last Week's Japan News

Japan Statistics

So far this year 4.89 million people have been transferred by ambulance in Japan. Of this number, 34,917 pregnant women were picked up by ambulance without having decided which hospital to take them to. 2,001 women, 5.7% were refused admission to their first choice hospital. 1.3%, or 450 women were rejected by 3 or 4 hospitals.

Health, Labor & Welfare Ministry and Fire and Disaster Management Agency Survey

Japan has exported 81,268 bicycles so far this year to North Korea. Japan's total exports to North Korea total 693m Yen (6.07m USD).

Source: Yomiuri Shimbun

Brazil has the third largest expat population of Japanese with 65,942 people.
Inhabitants of Gifu Prefecture spend an average of 16,845 yen (147.53 USD) yearly on coffee, the highest in Japan.

Source: Kansai Time Out

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