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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fukutoku Inari Jinja


Sitting on the hillside on the western edge of Honshu, Fukutoku Inari, also known as Inunaki no Oinari, commands fine views over the ocean in the direction of China (where Inari most probably originated).

Torii gate Fukutoku Inari Jinja

We were fortunate to be there not long after dawn as the sun rose above the mountain behind the shrine and treated us to a fiery display.

Fukutoku Inari Jinja

Built in 1971, the buildings are in virtually pristine condition, with the obligatory vermillion dominating. Like most Inari shrines there is a "tunnel" of vermillion Torii, though unusually this tunnel does not lead to the shrine, rather from the shrine to a bluff overlooking the sea.

Fukutoku Inari Jinja, Yamaguchi Prefecture

The shrine is located just off Route 191 in Yamaguchi Prefecture, a little north of Shimonoseki, in the village of Toyoura.

Torii tunnel, Fukutoku Inari Jinja

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