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Tuesday, March 11, 2008



Built for Aichi Expo 2005, Nagoya's Linimo service is a Maglev (magnetic-levitated) train and claims to be the first such urban Maglev service.

Linimo train outside the Toyota Automobile Museum

The Linimo runs on an elevated track via nine stations on the approximately 9km-long Tobu Kyuryo Line from Fujigaoka Station on the Higashiyama Subway Line to the terminus at Yakusa Station, which has connections to the Aichi Loop Line.

The full list of stations on the Linimo is: Fujigaoka, Hanamizuki-dori, Irigaike Koen, Nagakute Kosenjo, Geidai Dori, Koen Nishi, Ai Chikyu Haku Kinen Koen, Tojishiryokan Minami and Yakusa.

Nagakute Kosenjo Station, Linimo, Nagoya.

The smooth-running, driver-less trains are not built for speed, unlike the new Maglev service in Shanghai, reaching just 100kph. The service also has to be shut down during strong winds and had problems handling large numbers of passengers during the Expo.

The Linimo serves the eastern suburbs of Nagoya, Nagakute, and is convenient for visiting the Toyota Automobile Museum near Geidai Dori Station and the Ai Chikyu Haku Kinen Koen (the former site of Aichi Expo 2005 and now returned to a park).

Nagakute Kosenjo Station, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

The Linimo is not cheap and a ride from Fujigaoka to Yakusa costs 370 yen. A one-day Linimo pass is 800 yen for adults. The first train from Fujigaoka towards Yakusa departs at 5.50am with the last train at 0.05am. In the opposite direction the first train leaves Yakusa at 5.30am with the last train at 11.43pm.

Fujigaoka Station on the Higashiyama Subway Line is 14 stops and about 30 minutes from Nagoya Station.

Aichi Rapid Transit Company Ltd

Linimo Maglev Train Nagoya リニモ from Japan Visitor on Vimeo.

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