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Saturday, June 14, 2008

G8 Finance Conference Osaka

G8 Finance Conference Osaka主要8か国(G8)財務相会合

Finance ministers from the Group of Eight industrialized nations are meeting in Osaka this weekend to discuss many issues. Among them are the cost of oil, the food crisis, and the environment.

Local police are out in high numbers. In addition to the threat of terror, the recent knife attack in Tokyo's Akihabara has all on high alert.

Garbage cans throughout the city have been sealed as a precaution.

The one pictured here is at Tsuruhashi Station, on the Kintetsu Railways Line.

A rough translation would read:

Thank you for using Kintetsu Railways.

Because of the G8 Conference in Osaka, from June 12 - June 14, this garbage can is unavailable for use.

We apologies for the convenience. Please use another garbage can.

Thank you for your understanding.

Station Master

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