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Monday, June 16, 2008

Japan This Week: 15 June 2008


Japan News.Japanese workers standing up for their rights.

NY Times

US companies help Japan's golfing business.

Washington Post

Strong temor shakes northern Japan, at least six people killed.


Japan, seeking trim waists, measures millions.

NY Times

IV drip kills hospital patient.


Akihabara killer Tomohiro Kato posted online his intention to kill--just before he did so.


Prime Minister Fukuda censured by upper house of Diet.

Japan Times

Japanese Olympic swimmers allowed to use British Speedo suits in Beijing.

Daily Yomiuri

Urawa Reds soccer club fined $185,000 for fan violence.

Yahoo! Sports

Japan mourns stabbing victims.


Online novel about housewives whose husband cheat hits raw nerve--and garners tremendous popularity.


Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

5.95 million foreign tourists visited Japan in 2007.

South Koreans accounted for 2.08 million of the total. The next largest group was from Taiwan, which was 1.25 million.

Four hundred thousand Americans and the same number of Chinese visited.

Source: Japan National Tourist Association (JNTO)

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