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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Japan News This Week: 13 July 2008


Japan News.Police outnumber protesters at G-8 gathering.

NY Times

iPhone queues around the world.


Toyota worker dies of overwork.


Wartime work forged Bryan M. Battey's love of Japanese culture.

Washington Post

Japan's killer work ethic.

Washington Post

Zero Waste in Japan.


Brokers held over bogus marriages to South Koreans.

Japan Times

Tokyo University scientists faked data used in Italian journal.

Daily Yomiuri

Viral victim out of Olympic squad.

Yahoo! Sports

Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

World top greenhouse emitters:

1. USA
2. EU
3. China
4. Russia
5. India
6. Japan
7. Germany
8. Brazil
9. Canada
10. Britain

Source: Reuters

Osaka has the highest sexual assault rate in Japan, with one per 4,200 female residents last year. Tokyo was second at one per 4,600 female residents.

Source: The Daily Yomiuri

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