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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meitetsu Railways


Nagoya Railroad company aka Meitetsu Railways is a major railway network in the Chubu region of central Japan.

Meitetsu Panorama Super

Meitetsu is headquartered at Nagoya Meitetsu Station and connects Nagoya with Inuyama, Gifu, Okazaki, Toyokawa Inari, Gamagori (via Anjo), Toyohashi, the Chita Peninsula and Chubu International Airport via Kanayama Station.

Meitetsu also runs trains to various suburbs of Nagoya including Arimatsu, Chiryu, Tsushima, Hekinan and Toyota city.

Meitetsu Railways has about 445km of track and the Meitetsu Group of around 170 associated companies has diversified into department stores, supermarkets, real estate, bus, ferry and taxi firms and travel agencies. The Meiji Mura historical park near Inuyama is also run by Meitetsu.

Meitetsu most famous trains include the Panorama Car and the Panorama Super as well as the new Centrair Express to Chubu International Airport.

Meitetsu Railways


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