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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Muji Department Store Kyoto


"Muji ryohin," or just Muji as it is more commonly known, is a department store that sells items of generally good quality for reasonable prices.

The name literally means "No brand, good quality."

Thus, unlike almost all other Japanese stores, you will not come away with clothing with someone's name on it, wrapped in boxes and paper and string and plastic that will be tossed out as soon as you get home---and for a decent price.

The look of Muji products is simple. From clothing to bikes to household items, Muji goods have a pared down look. Today stores in Japan carry some 7,000 different products.

Muji started in 1980, working out of the Seiyu chain of department stores. By 1991, the first store opened overseas, in London.

Today the brandless brand shop has roughly 16 stores abroad and 180 in Japan.

The store pictured here is on Senbon Dori, in Kyoto.

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1 comment:

  1. I love, love, love Muji for homewares. The design is classic and clean, the prices are very reasonable and the quality (so far hehe) is great. It's the perfect place for those not addicted to paying unnecessary extra yen for brand names to get those staple bits and pieces (like sheets and pillowcases) to dress up with more expensive items when you feel like it.


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