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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Japan This Week: 28 December 2008


Japan News.Toyota Expects Its First Loss in 70 Years

New York Times

Governments pour more resources into battle against global recession


Japanese neo-nationalists seek to silence Yasukuni film

Japan Focus

Ruling bloc plans 2011 sales tax hike

Japan Times

Tokyo seeks cordial ties with Seoul

Korea Herald

3 Tokyo U. profs harassed colleagues, students

The Daily Yomiuri

Japan emperor in rare appearance


Movie Review - God's Puzzle

Midnight Eye

Obituary: Yukika Soma

Times on Line

Daisuke Naito retains WBC flyweight title

Yahoo! Sports

Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

There were 3.21 million people working as temporary staff in Japan in
2007, triple the 1.07 million temps in 1999.

Source: Labor Ministry

There have been 5,000 traffic fatalities this year up to December 23.
Aichi has the most with 262 road deaths, followed by Saitama 224,
Hokkaido 222 and Tokyo and Chiba with 210 each. Tottori had the fewest
deaths at 29, followed by Nagasaki 39, Shimane and Tokushima 40 each
and Okinawa 41.

Source: National Police Agency

The number of elementary, junior high, and senior high school teachers and staff on psychiatric leave topped 8,000 this year. That is a threefold increase compared to only ten years ago.

Of the 916,000 teachers who took part in a Ministry of Education survey, 8,069 indicated that they were on leave and receiving psychiatric treatment.

The reasons given by those on leave included: #1 relations with students and parents have changed, leading to unresolvable problems; #2 relations at work less supportive than in the past; #3 work duties too great; #4 problems at home.

Source: Asahi Shinbun

85,012 nonregular workers have lost or will lose their jobs in Japan through March 2009. Aichi topped the list with 10,059 job losses followed by Nagano with 4,193, Fukushima 3,856, Shizuoka 3,406 and Tochigi 2,912.

Source: Health, Labor & Welfare Ministry

There were 739,100 foreign visitors to Japan in October 2008. A 5.9% drop on the previous year's figures for the month. South Korean visitors fell 15.2% to 188,800.

Source: JNTO

Traffic volume in Japan for 2005 was 769 billion unit kilometers.

Source: Land, Infrastructure & Transport Ministry

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