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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ruriko-ji Temple in Yamaguchi City


This pagoda at Ruriko-ji temple in Yamaguchi City is one of the three most important 5-storied pagodas in Japan, the other two being at Horyu-ji in Nara, and Daigo-ji in Kyoto.

Ruriko-ji Temple in Yamaguchi City

It was built in 1442, which makes it the tenth oldest in Japan.

The pagoda at Ruriko-ji Temple is 31.2 meters tall, with roofs of cypress bark. It is a designated National Treasure.

Ruriko-ji Temple in Yamaguchi City

Ruriko-ji Temple's pagoda was built by the 26th generation daimyo Morimi Ouchi for his brother, the 25th generation daimyo Yoshihiro Ouchi.

The pagoda at Ruriko-ji is particularly worth seeing during cherry blossom season, and also at night as it is illuminated.

Ruriko-ji Temple in Yamaguchi City

Yamaguchi City is known as the "Kyoto of the West" as the town was home to many nobles and artists from Kyoto during the late Muromachi Period while Kyoto was suffering from wars.

Entrance to the park around the pagoda and the temple is free, but nearby is a small museum with models of pagodas and photographs of other pagodas around Japan. Open 9-5, 7 days a week. Entrance 300yen.

Ruriko-ji is located north of central Yamaguchi City, a short bus ride or 15 min. walk from Kameyama Park.

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