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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Japan This Week - 22 February 2009


Japan News.Japan’s Economy Plunges at Fastest Pace Since ’74

NY Times

Japan’s Finance Minister Nakagawa Shoichi to Quit After G-7 Blunder

NY Times

'Drunk' Japanese minister slurs speech at press conference

You Tube

A silver lining for Japan


Japan turns to 'work-sharing' to avoid layoffs

Washington Post

Japan's agricultural bank scrambles for £15bn

Times on Line

UNESCO: 8 languages in Japan could disappear


Midnight Eye's Best (and worst) of 2008

Midnight Eye

When Consumers Cut Back: A Lesson From Japan

NY Times

50 hurt in Tokyo plane plunge


Golf-Missed cut part of the learning curve for teen Ishikawa

Yahoo Sports

Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

Tokyo had a net outflow of people for the first time in 9 years in the month of December 2008 - 73 people! The annual inflow of residents also declined in 2008. In 2008, the net inflow of residents into Tokyo was 83,000, the highest of Japan's prefectures ahead of Kanagawa, Chiba & Aichi.

Source: International Affairs & Communications Ministry

Tokyo's taxis declined in number in December 2008 to 54,863 - a drop of 546 cabs from the previous December. The average daily income for a cab operating in central Tokyo was 46,932 yen - a decline of 14% on the previous 12 months.

Source: Kanto District Transport Bureau

Pedestrian deaths topped vehicle deaths for the first time in 34 years in 2008. Of the 5,115 traffic-related deaths in Japan in 2008, 1,721 were pedestrians compared to 1,710 passengers or drivers of vehicles. There were 990 deaths involving motorcycles and 717 fatalities involving bicycles.

Source: National Police Agency

The number of foreign nationals who overstayed their visas has halved from 219,000 to 113,000 over the last five years. The number of illegal immigrants also fell in the same period from an estimated 30,000 to between 15-23,000.

Source: Justice Ministry

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