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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kanagawa Prefecture Manhole Covers


Enjoy these manhole covers from Kanagawa Prefecture kindly sent to us by Gene Melson. Japanese manhole covers often present the main attractions and characteristics of their localities. Thus the ports of Yokohama and Yokosuka have suitably nautical themes and an image of the American navy commander Commodore Perry, who landed in Yokosuka in 1853.

Japanese manhole covers are a unique form of street design and definitely worth keeping your eyes to the ground for.

Yokohama Manhole

Kanagawa Prefecture Manhole Cover

Can you see the face in this manhole cover (above)?

Kanagawa Prefecture Manhole Cover

Kanagawa Prefecture Manhole Cover

Kanagawa Prefecture Manhole Cover

If you have a manhole cover shot and wish to show it on this blog please contact us if you'd like us to display it.

Manhole Covers in Japan

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Images by Gene Melson

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