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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Yagoto Cemetery


Right next to Nagoya Crematorium is, of course, a very large cemetery - Yagoto Cemetery, the largest in Nagoya city.

Yagoto Cemetery

The graves and tombstones stretch out in to the distance forming terraced, stone walls of the dead. Unsurprisingly, the cemetery is a good place to stroll and reflect on the finite nature of existence, in a peaceful and restful atmosphere.

Yagoto Cemetery

Some of the tombstones are elegantly or bizarrely shaped, worthy of Highgate Cemetery in London or the graveyard at Koyasan in Wakayama Prefecture.

Some plots are still available for sale. The 4.41 square meter site below can be yours for 926,100 yen or 10,310 USD at today's rate.

The cemetery was taken over by Nagoya city in 1955 from what began as a Taisho Era (1911-1925) graveyard.

Yagoto Cemetery

Cremations in Nagoya can be arranged by calling 052 832 1750.

For Japanese and foreign residents of Nagoya City cremation at Yagoto Cemetery is free of charge.

For repatriating the remains of the deceased to his/her home country, please contact the Surveillance Department of Nagoya Customs Office for transportation by air (Tel: 0568 28 1049) or sea (Tel: 052 398 4225). Please report the death to your embassy or consulate in Japan.

The nearest subway stations to Yagoto Cemetery are Yagoto and Shiogamaguchi on the Tsurumai Line.

Images taken on an SH705iII mobile phone.

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