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Thursday, March 12, 2009

LH Kenji and LH Naoko: your computer's default voice

コンピュータの規定の声 ケンジ ナオコ

You’re familiar with the cracked avuncular tones of Microsoft Sam, or Microsoft Mike, and the weird dulcetness of Microsoft Mary or, if your OS is Vista, Microsoft Anna.

Ever wondered what the mechanical voice of the Japanese version of the Microsoft XP OS sounds like?

LH Naoko.

The standard Japanese version of XP has LH Kenji and LH Naoko (the LH standing for Lernout & Hauspie, a now-defunct Belgian speech and language technology company).

Listen here to, first, LH Kenji (sounding like he has a very bad cold) and then LH Naoko (sounding like she’s talking to a toddler), saying

“LH Kenji [Naoko] no koe o konpyuuta no kitei no koe ni sentaku shimashita.”

or, in the now familiar English:

You have selected LH Kenji [Naoko] as your computer’s default voice”

Now, let’s listen to Kenji and Naoko having a typical end-of-winter, start-of-spring conversation, about their health and the weather.

Kenji: Konnichi wa (Hello)

Naoko: Konnichi wa (Hello)

Kenji: Ogenki desuka? (Are you well?)

Naoko: Hai, okage sama de. (Yes, thanks for asking)

Kenji: Kaze o hiite imasenka. (You haven’t caught a cold?)

Naoko: Hai, hiite imasen yo. (No [lit. “Yes”], I haven’t)

Kenji: Sore wa ii desu ne. (That’s good)

Naoko: So desu ne. (Yes, isn’t it.) Kenji-san mo genkiso desu ne. (And you look well, too, Kenji)

Kenji: So desu ne. (Yes) Shikashi, shigoto de chotto tsukarete imasu yo. (But I’m a little tired from work)

Naoko: Sore wa, sore wa. (Oh, dear me.) Okarada ni ki o tsukete kudasai ne. (Look after yourself, won’t you)

Finally, LH Kenji and LH Naoko say See you again! (Mata ne!)

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