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Monday, April 06, 2009

London Sushi

Sushi Bar, Fortnum & Masonロンドン寿司

Sushi is chic in London. This is not exactly news, but a recent trip to the UK reconfirmed this.

Dipping an uncooked slice of glistening pink fish - finely cut into a bite-size piece - into soy sauce mixed with wasabi is now so common as to be nearly passe - and at Fortnum & Mason no less!

In the basement of the three hundred year-old high-end department store in Piccadilly was a long, elegant sushi bar. At 11 am, couples were throwing back glasses of chardonnay and tucking into thick pieces of maguro tuna.

A line of equally perfumed customers waited impatiently to be seated.

For those on a tighter budget, chain sushi restaurants abound on the average high street as well.

In Camden Town, not far from the canal and market, we found Hi Sushi Salsa.

We didn't have time to investigate further, but the "salsa" part intrigued.

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