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Friday, April 10, 2009

Meitetsu Passes Yurika


Meitetsu Railways is a major railroad company in the Chubu (Central Japan) area centered on Nagoya city and surrounding towns. If you are a resident or long-term visitor to the area, you would be advised to buy one of Meitetsu's travel cards.

The Yurika (ユリカ) Transpass pre-paid card costs 5000 yen and enables 5600 yen's worth of travel on Nagoya city buses and subway, the Meitetsu rail network, the Linimo and the Aonami Line to Nagoya Port. This card offers 12% free travel on the price of the card.

Above Transpass; below Hiruma pass

The Hiruma Yurika card costs 2000 yen and enables 2400 yen's worth of travel. The card is a similar card to the Transpass with the same validity (except for Meitetsu trains) but valid from 10am-6pm weekdays and all day weekends and national holidays. This card offers 20% free travel on the price of the card.

Both these cards can be purchased at all Nagoya subway stations and Nagoya Meitetsu Station.

Your journeys and the amount spent is recorded on the reserve of the card.

The SF Panorama Card seems almost identical to the Transpass card. These cards have now been superseded by the manaka card

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