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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Amazing Japanese Hair

Wild Kyoto Hair髪の毛

The woman at right, in addition to sporting a fantastic obi (belt) for her yukata, also has a great head of hair.

Swept up, teased out, dyed, frilled and bangs to boot: you name it, she's got it.

And we love it.

The couple below left gets the opposites attract prize: he of the shaved bullet head machismo look, she of the slightly less extreme swept up, teased out, dyed, frilled and bangs to boot look.

If you look closely, the bottom photo is actually two couples. The young man in the background at left has a more "ima fu" (今風=current, in fashion) look. His partner has a large pin holding her hair in place.

Moving on, we spotted two young women, also in yukata robes for the summer festival, and they have long beautiful dyed hair.

Big Hair KyotoTheir look is dangerously close to the "Yankee" (hoodlum, juvenile delinquent) look.

The blond streaks, bold hair decorations - flowers - and lightly tanned skin all scream: "I am 17 and am absolutely so going to have, like, a fabulous time tonight!"

They seem innocent enough though, and both flashed big toothy smiles when they realized I was taking their picture.

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