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Friday, August 07, 2009

Tokyo Temperatures


The weather in Tokyo is at it's hottest and most unbearable in August. Temperatures are over 30 degrees centigrade both day and night. The "heat island" effect of so much concrete and with air conditioners and cars blowing out hot air means sunset brings little respite from the heat.

Tokyo has taken steps to reduce the "heat island" phenomenon by encouraging new buildings to have roof gardens and by turfing over playing grounds in public schools, but overall the effect has been minimal - it just keeps getting hotter and hotter every year - as the government refuses to recognise the root causes of the problem and reduce the number of automobiles and high rise buildings.

It has been estimated that the last century has seen a 3 degree rise in temperature in Japan's capital. The number of "tropical days" where the mercury rises to over 30 degrees Centigrade has increased to 35 days a year, compared to just 14 days in 1975.

See the latest forecast for the weather in Tokyo including temperatures, rainfall, wind speed, visibility, pollution, sunrise, sunset and relative humidity.

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