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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Japan This Week 27 December 2009


Japan News.Harsh Realities Stand in the Way of a Leader’s Vision of a New Japan

New York Times

Japanese student charged with Lindsay Hawker murder


Japan drafts record budget as PM battles scandal

Washington Post

El emperador Akihito cumple 76 años

El Pais

Market chaos – it’s down to the lunatic fringe

Times Online

Too innocent for prejudice?

Japan Times

Le Premier ministre japonais démissionnera si le peuple «l'exige»


In Our Time - The Samurai


Golf-Ishikawa retains Japan’s top athlete award

Yahoo Sports

Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

Suicides caused more than half of the 40,600 train delays in Tokyo in 2008.

According to the Transport Ministry, the 307 suicides at one of the 12 major railway companies resulted in delays of more than thirty minutes or more.

Other causes included malfunctions, stones or other items placed on the tracks, and natural hazards.

Source: Daily Yomirui

Health Care Spending Per Person in US Dollars, 2007 (Average life expectancy at birth)

US: $7,280 (78)
Switzerland: $4,417 (80.7)
Luxembourg: $4,162 (79.4)
Canada: $3,895 (80.7)
Austria: $3,763 (80)
France: $3,601 (80.9)
Denmark: $3,512 (78.2)
Sweden: $3,323 (81)
Australia: $3,137 (81.4)
UK: $2,992 (79.8)
Finland: $2,840 (79.1)
Spain: $2,671 (81.1)
Japan: $2,581 (82.8)

Source: National Geographic

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