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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Japan This Week 28 March 2010


Japan News.Nintendo to Make 3-D Version of Its DS Handheld Game

New York Times



What does it mean to be 'big in Japan'?


El cine de animación japonés se rinde a la moda del 3D

El Pais

Hatoyama eyes talks on raising sales tax

Japan Times

Japanese sense of despair reflected in tidal wave of bleak new manga comics

Times Online

Corée du Nord : les otages de l'Histoire

Le Monde

Bill Gates and Toshiba discuss nuclear power venture


Stop the Press? The Sankei and the State of Japan’s Newspaper Industry

Japan Focus

Takahashi wins gold, Virtue-Moir lead in dance

Yahoo Sports

Japan's teenage cellphone culture

Washington Post

Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

Rank of Peacekeeping Operations by number of personnel deployed (number):

1. Pakistan: 10,764
2. Bangladesh: 10,427
3. India: 8,757
4. Nigeria: 5,807
5. Egypt: 5,155
11. Italy: 2,451
15. China: 2,136
17. France: 1,610
38. South Korea: 397
41. Russia: 365
72. USA: 72
85: Japan: 39

Source: Asahi Shinbun

Percentage of businesses, by prefecture, that were founded 100 years or more ago. These are the top five in Japan.

1. Kyoto (3.65%)
2. Shimane (3.50%)
3. Niigata (3.37%)
4. Yamagata (3.25%)
5. Shiga (3.11%)

These prefectures have a large concentration of textile (kimono, obi), alcohol (sake), and other traditional industries.

Source: Asahi Shinbun

Odds of winning 2010 World Cup:

Spain 9/2
England 5/1
Brazil 5/1
Netherlands 14/1
Cameroon 80/1
Denmark 125/1
Japan 250/1

Source: William Hill

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