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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Phallic Symbol Kyoto

Phallic symbol Kyoto男根象徴京都

While out looking for cherry blossoms over the weekend, just down the road from the Utano Youth Hostel, we stumbled into a nursery full of cherry trees that also had a collection of statuary.

According to a woman who worked in the nursery, the head gardener is the number one cherry tree man in Japan. The trees he has nurtured can be found in Maruyama Park, the Imperial Palace (Gosho), and many other well-known locations.

We were close to Hirosawa no Ike, a large lake near Arashiyama. The lake is full of herons and circled by cherry trees.

The lake was dug in the Heian period, and is famous as a spot for moon-viewing.

Back in the nursery many were enjoying the many varieties of cherry tree, and the statues.

The most striking was a large phallic symbol with a Buddhist image carved onto it. To its right is a representation of female pudenda.

It was surrounded by other more typical statutes.

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