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Monday, April 26, 2010

Tokyo Metro Sign


The destinctive pale blue and white Tokyo Metro sign is a Japanese design classic.

The new logo replaced the old Teito Rapid Transit Authority (TRTA) "S" style design in 2004 when the capital's subway network was renamed Tokyo Metro.

Tokyo Metro Sign

The sign can be seen at all Tokyo subway stations operated by Tokyo Metro. Toei Subway stations have a different green-leaf style logo.

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  1. Hi, I have been to Japan before but it was about 10 years ago. Now i have a baby, and I will be returning for a holiday in Tokyo in a couple of months. What to parents in Tokyo do with babies if they want to take the metro - do they carry them, or is it possible to use a pram/stroller/pushchair? It is ACCEPTABLE to use a pushchair? THanks!

  2. Yes, it is acceptable to use push chairs. Many stations have elevators and escalators so it should be no problem to take a child on the metro. I have done it on many occasions.


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