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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bicycle Parking In Japan


Many railway and subway stations in Japan will have bicycle parking lots nearby. In more rural or suburban areas these will be free. In inner city districts, a parking fee will be charged.

Bicycle Parking

At Akaike Station on the Tsurumai Line of Nagoya subway, there is a large, outdoor and free parking area for bicycles and motorcycles (2017 update: this is now paid-for). The next stop heading into Nagoya city, Hirabari, has a covered, paid-for parking lot. It costs 100 yen to park here for 24 hours or you can purchase a monthly ticket.
The bicycle park is staffed by uniformed ojisan (older men) who may help you find a spot during the busy rush hour period. Buy a ticket from the machine and attach it to your bike. The bike parks are usually open from early in the morning to the time of the last train at night.

Bicycle Parking

To cut down on cyclists fly parking on pavements, the sidewalk space outside many urban stations in Japan is being taken up by paid for parking areas for bicycles. At Shiogamaguchi Station a few stops further into town from Hirabari on the Tsurumai subway line, ticket machines and yellow parking frames have been built to cut down on illegal parking outside the station exit.

Bicycle Parking

If you do park illegally, your bicycle maybe impounded by the city and you will have to pay a fine and travel to the pound (usually located in the middle of nowhere) to retreive your bicycle.

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